Which African Experience is for You?

Africa is an amazing continent, full of diversity and amazing experiences. Travelling with a tour guide is a good way to see all the iconic sites, go on exciting day trips and learn facts about the area you are visiting.

Have you ever wanted to explore Africa? Maybe you have imagined yourself horse riding across the beaches of Cape Town, or trying adventurous trips like whale watching or shark cage diving. Or, for a more relaxed day out, there is the beautiful Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak to visit. Cape Town is a diverse and exciting place to visit. Sport lovers can surf the waves at one of the many beaches, sail a boat out into the sea or take a helicopter tour over the African sights. Alternatively, you can take a cycle route around the scenic coast or venture inside a shipwreck and a lighthouse as part of a tour. It is the perfect place if you want a mixture of excitement but also relaxation. There are many other parts of Africa which can offer excitement, such as going on safari and seeing the wild animals, or wandering around the fragrant scented markets of Morocco. Africa suits all types of holiday experiences, from the relaxed Moroccan coastline, to exciting and adventurous sports Cape Town can offer.

Picture: Chris Fallows

If you love adrenaline and thrills, maybe enjoy exciting games or the headiness of a shark cage dive and a helicopter ride experience in Cape Town, then going on safari in Kenya is another African place you might enjoy. Visitors can join a tour guide group, which will organise trips to see the wild animals. It is a raw and untainted experience, where you are at one with nature, deep in the wild, where you can admire animals in their natural habitat. As you sit back in a Jeep with the sun shining, you might see hippos splash around in the water, or spot lions sleeping in the shade under a tree. It also makes an amazing photo opportunity. Seeing animals in the wild is much more incredible than in the zoo.

Alternatively, for a more cultural and relaxing experience, Morocco is an exciting place, where you can either chill out on the peaceful coastline, or immerse yourself in culture at the markets.

One of the world’s busiest and famous markets is Jemaa el-Fnaa, situated in Marrakesh. The market square is a mixture of food stalls, entertainers, henna tattoo artists, clothes stalls and much more. The colours are vibrant and the smells are fragment. As you walk past various stalls, the scents change – you could be smelling jasmine incense sticks and the next, be detecting saffron, or smoke from cooking stalls. The scene of the market changes everyday, new people with different merchandise trying to entice you in. It is also the only place to taste a traditional tagine. It is cooked and served in the tagine dish, which keeps it hot and moist. A traditional Moroccan souvenir could be the iconic pointed shoes, or some colourful spices which you can try in your cooking at home.

But if you are looking for a relaxing holiday similar to a stay in one of Amsterdam hostels or a trip in the Eiffel Tower, the city of Essaouira is a beautiful and tranquil coastline. It is famous for its fishing port and surrounding seafood restaurats. The pier has an artistic touch, with metal craft stalls, paintings and art galleries. Not too many people visit this part which makes it less tourist orientated.

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