World Penguin Day – 25 April 2017

Welcome to ‘the penguin kingdom’ where, with their cartoon good looks, cute antics, cool disposition and celebrated ‘happy feet’, there’s plenty to celebrate. For the record, penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds. They live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere. 25 April is observed as World Penguin Day. The day was created to promote the health and conservation of these amazing creatures.

Here are some interesting penguin facts for World Penguin Day.

It is generally agreed by scientists that there are 17 species of penguins alive today, all of which live in the southern half of the globe. The most northerly penguins are Galapagos penguins which occasionally poke their heads north of the equator. 13 of these species are threatened or endangered.

Penguins are one of about 40 species of flightless birds. Other flightless birds include rheas, cassowaries, kiwis, ostriches and emus. While they can’t fly through the air with their flippers, many penguin species take to the air when they leap from the water onto the ice. Just before taking flight, they release air bubbles from their feathers. This cuts the drag on their bodies, allowing them to double or triple their swimming speed quickly and launch into the air.

Like other birds, penguins don’t have teeth. Instead they use their beak to grab and hold wiggling prey and have backward-facing fleshy spines that line the inside of their mouths & beak to help them get a good grip. These help them guide their fishy meals down their throat.

Penguins are carnivores: they feed on fish, squid, crabs, krill and other seafood they catch while swimming. During the summer, an active, medium-sized penguin will eat about 1 kilogram of food each day

Penguins’ unique colouring is called counter-shading. To predators looking down from above, the penguins’ black backs help them blend into the dark ocean. To predators looking up from underwater, the penguin’s white belly blends in against the light sky and snow. This helps them avoid predators, and hunt for fish unseen.

Penguin nesting areas are called “rookeries” and may contain thousands of pairs of birds. Each penguin has a distinct call, which allows individual penguins to find their mates and chicks even in the largest groups. (and they are really good listeners!)

Eating so much seafood means drinking a lot of saltwater, but penguins have a way to remove it. The supraorbital gland, located just above their eye, filters salt from their bloodstream, which is then excreted through the bill—or by sneezing! But this doesn’t mean they chug seawater to quench their thirst: penguins drink meltwater from pools and streams and eat snow for their hydration fix.

Another adaptive gland—the oil (also called preen) gland—produces waterproofing oil. Penguins spread this across their feathers to insulate their bodies and reduce friction when they glide through the water. Penguins spend several hours a day preening or caring for their feathers. If penguins don’t keep them well maintained, their feathers would not stay waterproof.

Feathers are quite important to penguins living around Antarctica during the winter. Penguins have more feathers than most other birds, averaging approximately 70 feathers per square inch. Emperor penguins have the highest feather density of any bird, at 100 feathers per square inch. In fact, the surface feathers can get even colder than the surrounding air, helping to keep the penguin’s body stays warm.

Penguins molt, or lose their feathers, once a year – the official term is a “catastrophic molt”. They always molt on land or ice and until they grow new waterproof coats, they are unable to go into the water. Most birds molt a few at a time throughout the year, but penguins lose them all at once. They can’t swim and fish without feathers, so they fatten themselves up beforehand to survive the 2–3 weeks it takes to replace them as they can lose about half their body weight during this time.

A group of penguins in the water is called a ‘raft’ – a group of penguins on land is called a waddle. Other collective nouns for penguins include: rookery, colony, and huddle.

How can you help?


Help save this highly endangered species by ‘adopting’ a penguin today.
SANCCOB’s adoption programme is a pay-it-forward system. You make a donation towards our work by adopting and naming an African penguin that has, or will be, rehabilitated and released back into the wild by our dedicated staff. ‘Adopt’ and name a wild penguin – or choose one of SANCCOB’s home pen birds which live permanently at SANCCOB because they cannot survive in the wild …

Your donation helps cover the cost of fish, medication, water and other essentials. Because SANCCOB’s objective is to release as many of our rescued seabirds back into the wild as possible, you will not be able to visit or view ‘your’ penguin during rehabilitation, or track its movements after release.

You will however play a vital role in saving an African penguin … and give your adopted bird the chance to live a natural life in the wild, where it belongs.

Adopt a penguin today:

Cape Point Route has been celebrating penguins since 2004…read our penguin journey here and have a giggle at some of our penguin antics in pictures.

Visit Boulders Beach African Penguin colony in Simon’s Town to see these amazing birds.
Stay near the penguins in a choice of Simon’s Town Accommodation establishments.
Sea Kayak to the penguins – a fun activity on the water.

Cape Point Route loves World Penguin Day (we just love penguins)

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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Top 10 Reasons to go Autumn Camping in the Cape

At Cape Point Route we love autumn (and penguins) and it’s a favourite time of year to go camping. “Too cold?”, you ask – don’t worry – it’s not that cold or that wet, go with a little bit of preparation and the right gear to the right place… and you’ll extend your summer, beat the crowds and have star-filled nights to carry you into winter. Read on for the top 10 reasons to go Autumn Camping in the Cape AND the top 3 tented camps.

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Silvermine Nature Reserve

Extend your summer

Booking a campsite near the end of summer, makes it so much easier to commit and the best part is that it will extend your summer, when all your friends are stuck at home.

The weather

Cape Town has glorious autumn weather – there’s not often much wind, rain could be intermittent but the traditional Cape Town cold fronts seldom settle in during the autumn months so the days tend to be warm or crisp and the evenings chilly without Jack Frost arriving on your doorstep.  The days average 18C so perfect temperatures for hiking and activities, whilst bundling up at night is super cozy.

The scenery

Autumn colours start coming out – the lush greens evolve into reds, yellows, golds and browns – “fall foliage”. The clear, wind-free days provide fresh air for fabulous photos, there are incredible sunsets (and sunrises)

Fewer crowds

When the days get shorter and the nights get chillier, fewer people venture outdoors, so these are those magical days when you hike the beauty of Table Mountain and have it all to yourselves. Camps are less likely to be full and there is less chance of sharing the cooking facilities.

Getting cozy

Putting on your beanie and creating a warm haven inside your tent. Creeping up to the roaring fire and rotating body parts towards the heat.  Drinking steaming hot coffee or hot chocolate never tasted so good.  With the right clothes and gear, cooler temperatures make autumn camping more comfortable and more cozy than in mid-summer.


With no wind restrictions – fires are allowed! Yay – there is nothing quite like sitting around a warm and toasty campfire with friends and family and toasting marshmallows. A fire is so inviting and brings the promise of fireside stories

Less bugs

Whilst Cape Town is not notorious for bugs, the cooler days mean there are fewer mosquitoes or nagging insects so life is just better outdoors.

Outdoor cooking

Hearty, healthy comfort food is completely on the menu! Comfort staples are necessary in the great outdoors!  And although there are fully equipped kitchens, there is nothing like cooking over an open fire – and the added bonus, if you make a mess there is not a lot to clean up!

The night sky

In autumn, more stars become visible earlier in the evening and you’ll have a greater chance at seeing them shining brightly in the sky and the air is crisper and clearer than in summer. Look out for Orion, the Southern Cross and other common constellations. You may even spot a falling star-don’t forget to make a wish!

Tented camps

Each Eco-Friendly camp can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests in 2 sleeper (One 4-sleeper tent at Orangekloof).  All camps offer hot water, comfortable beds, open fires, fully equipped self-catering communal kitchens/dining areas and communal bathrooms (Smitswinkel has en-suite bathrooms). All camps are easily accessible by car and have dedicated parking areas or by hiking trail  as the tented camps were designed and built as base camps for the Hoerikwaggo Trail.

Reasons we love these tented camps – especially in autumn

  • You don’t have to pitch a tent – they are permanent structures
  • They have real beds and real linen
  • You can drive there
  • The communal outdoor ablutions are gorgeous
  • Hot tip – Smitswinkel tented camp has en-suite bathrooms.

 Top 3 Tented Camps in Cape Town

Orangekloof Tented Camp

Experience this unique accommodation at Orange Kloof Tented Camp in Hout Bay, nestled among an ancient Afromontane forest. Fall asleep under a canopy of stars, listening to the Disa River and an owl hooting, waking to a bird chorus – it doesn’t get better than this. Orange Kloof tented camp in Hout Bay has always been a special piece of paradise.  R395 per person sharing. Enquire now

Slangkop Tented Camp

Nestled within indigenous Milkwoods, no more than 100m from the sea, this marine-themed tented camp is the perfect location to watch the sun sink in the Atlantic Ocean. Situated at the edge of the quaint village of Kommetjie, the camp offers a nature-based experience with the convenience of shops and restaurants close by. R395 per person sharing. Enquire Now

Smitswinkel Tented Camp

This is another “touching the earth lightly” camp built by SANparks. Located close to the entrance gate to the Cape of Good Hope section of Table Mountain National Park – it is set in the shadows of a weathered Flowering Gum plantation. All tents are en-suite with a kitchenette. The communal boma has additional facilities.  R465 per person sharing. Enquire Now

Cape Point Route loves camping (and penguins)

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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Adopt two penguins for Valentine’s Day

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) has a Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to win your lovebird’s affections this year. For the month of February, you can adopt and name a pair of endangered African penguins. Penguins mate for life, so what better way of showing your devotion while helping to save a species.

Numbers of African penguins are dwindling, with less than 23 000 breeding pairs remaining in the wild. Due to their rapid decline, they were officially classified as endangered in 2010. Established in 1968, SANCCOB admits approximately 1 500 ill, injured, abandoned and oiled African penguins to its seabird centres in the Western and Eastern Cape every year. These penguins and other seabirds are admitted with the help of conservation partners and compassionate members of the public. Once admitted, SANCCOB’s dedicated staff and volunteers ensure that each bird gets the best possible care until they are ready for release back into the wild.

Some may say that penguins are a universal symbol of true and lasting love; despite their bond to remain together, various factors threaten their survival, including a decrease in food supply, lack of suitable habitat, predation, pollution and climate change.

This Valentine’s, the public can help save the endangered African penguin by adopting and naming two penguins from SANCCOB. Adoption costs are R600 (for an email pack) or R700 (for a postage pack) and include two penguin pictures, a short history of each penguin and a special thank you letter from your adopted penguins. Your donation helps to buy fish, medication and other essentials needed to rehabilitate our penguin patients. 

Visit to put your life-saving donation to good work and your lovebird will be ‘flipping’ with joy to receive this unique Valentine’s Day gift.
Please note that delivery is seven working days within South Africa and up to 14 working days across borders. Hurry, this romantic gift adoption promotion ends on 28 February 2017.

Cape Point Route loves Penguins 

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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Strategize to Energize – Plan your 2017 Corporate Calendar

Let Cape Point Route assist you with planning your corporate calendar to Strategize and Energize your team throughout 2017.

The corporate year holds more than just the initial strategic planning sessions Book your conferences, mid-year breaks, teambuilds, spouse programmes and a Year End Function.

Allow your team to regroup and focus on the year ahead by arranging an outdoor teambuilding event whilst the Cape Town weather smiles on the Mother City. Try some of these ideas to get started!


Roll out your 2017 with a corporate conference and getaway. Focus on the company goals away from the office, where you won’t be distracted by day-to-day admin. Check out some of these gorgeous getaways!


A mid-year team mobilization is a great way to keep the spirits high in the Cape Town winter months. There are heaps of indoor activities available to motivate the team under cloudy skies.


Getting out of the office for a fun teambuild, enables employees to relate to each other in different ways. Breaking out of their office personalities can generate meaningful, creative ideas. Inspire and motivate your team.


Wrap up the year with a bang and celebrate your success. This could be a themed event, group activity or an extravaganza with the team.  Have a look at these popular events to give you some ideas for your yearend planning.


Cape Point Route loves successful corporate events (and penguins)

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

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Romancing the Cape

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Cape Town is a truly romantic city.


With spectacular backdrops of mountain and sea, it’s the perfect destination to escape with a loved one. February is magical in the Cape and with a diversity of accommodation and indulgent activities, you are sure to find a romantic package to suit you.

Country Chic | Noordhoek


Stay at Noordhoek Hotel, a hidden gem in the heart of Noordhoek Farm Village, famed for its chilled country atmosphere and 9km stretch of white sandy beach where you will enjoy a 2 hour sunset Beach Horse Ride.  Find out more…




Moonlight Magic | Simon’s Town


The mountains and sea setting of  Simon’s Town makes for idyllic sunsets and magical moon and star gazing from the privacy of your secluded patio overlooking False Bay.  Experience this Romantic Getaway including 60 min full body massage in the privacy of your room, cosy eateries and trendy love nests. Find out more…


Sensational Spa | Winelands


Spend the day at Erinvale Estate Spa, set among trees, overlooking a sparkling pool and the majestic Helderberg Mountains.  This treat includes bubbly, relaxing steam room session, two spa treatments, healthy spa lunch, use of indoor heated whirlpool, accommodation and Full English Breakfast. Find out more…


Cape Point Route loves Valentine’s Day (and penguins)


Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

Call Cape Point Route on 021 789 0093 or visit
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Bidding for penguins: SANCCOB Benefit Auction

SANCCOB (the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) is hosting its annual benefit auction on 18 November 2016 at the picturesque Moyo Restaurant in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (Cape Town). The event is held in partnership with South African National Parks (Table Mountain National Park) and ARG Design.

AfricanPenguin Photo-francois-louw

African Penguin Photo-francois-louw

As a non-profit organisation, SANCCOB’s annual benefit auction is a vital fundraising event in aid of the organisation’s year-round seabird conservation work. It is a premiere calendar event for supporters, including celebrities and special guests, who have the opportunity to bid on a range of exciting items and unique getaway experiences.

SANCCOB proudly welcomes singer, songwriter and speaker – Verity Price – as the special MC and auctioneer for the evening. Some of the items up for auction include sports memorabilia, high-end electronics and prized art. Tickets are R500 per person and include welcome drinks and a three-course gourmet meal paired with wines. Bookings may be made online at:

SANCCOB Benefit Auction Event details

African Penguin Photo-roxanne-abrahams_sanccob

African Penguin Photo-roxanne-abrahams_sanccob

Date: 18 November 2016 (Friday)
Venue: Moyo Restaurant, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Newlands
Time: 18h00 for 18h30
Dress: Smart
Tickets: R500 per person (includes welcome drinks and three-course gourmet meal paired with wines)
Bookings online at
Limited tickets available

SANCCOB offers a 24-hour, 365-day rescue service for penguins and other seabirds at both of its centres in Table View (Western Cape) and Cape St Francis (Eastern Cape) and admits approximately 2 200 seabirds for rehabilitation every year.

Cape Point Route loves the SANCCOB Benefit Auction (& Penguins)



Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

Call Cape Point Route on 021 789 0093 or visit
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High Flyers – Aerial Adventures in Cape Town

High Flyers – do it in the air when they visit Cape Town. We invite you to explore the Mother City from the air and get a bird’s eye view with these aerial adventures. Swing, soar, dive or fly Cape Town this summer for a new perspective of this incredible city which combines mountains and sea with an unforgettable urban

If you airborne adventures are not for you and you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, we have plenty of activities and adventures on land and some fabulous Day Tours too.

Cape Zipline Adventure:  From R695 per personfit-zipline

Take to the air with this unforgettable zipline adventure as you slide from one platform to the next along a series of steel cables set amongst magnificent natural surroundings in Elgin.  You’ll fly past waterfalls and through valleys.

Cape Town Helicopter Tours: From R1,200  per personfit-heli

Soar in a helicopter over Cape Town, feel the vibrations and sounds of this powerful flying machine as you gaze in wonderment at your bird’s eye view of sky, sea, mountain and city combined – the magic of Cape Town in aerial glory!

Skydiving in Cape Town:  From R2,500 per person


Get the thrill of freefall  with a tandem skydive. It’s one of the ‘must do’ things to take your breath away in Cape Town. Experience one of the best views in the world from altitude for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the Mother City.

Cape Peninsula Scenic Flight: From R2,592 per person 



“Untouched, unmatched, unforgettable”, are the words that ring true when passengers disembark this 60 Min Full Peninsula flight –  one of the most popular tours given the variation and diversity of Cape Town’s top landmarks including the Awesome Foursome:  Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak, Table Mountain & Robben Island. enquire-aerial-adventures

Cape Point Route loves Aerial Adventures (& Penguins)


Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

Call Cape Point Route on 021 789 0093 or visit
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SANCCOB and SANParks celebrate African penguins

On 8 October 2016, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and South African National Parks (SANParks) celebrated African Penguin Awareness Day by releasing 13 rehabilitated African penguins and hosting an unique Penguin Festival at Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town.img_1768

On Saturday morning at 10h00, a large expectant crowd gathered at Seaforth Beach to witness the release of 13 African penguins back into the wild. All of the penguins were rehabilitated at SANCCOB’s seabird centre in Table View (Cape Town) after being admitted for various reasons including malnourishment, injuries or due to abandonment. Seven of the penguins were rescued from Betty’s Bay, two from Dassen Island, while the others were admitted from Fish Hoek, Lamberts Bay, Gordon’s Bay and Yzerfontein. SANCCOB volunteers and a few lucky members of the public got the chance to tip the penguin boxes to release the penguins.img_1783

Nicola van Rhyn, one of the SANCCOB volunteers who got a chance to tip a penguin box, said, “As a local volunteer, it really was such a special moment to be a part of the festival and especially to be given the opportunity to release two young penguins. Given the status of the African penguin, it was a moving experience and very rewarding to participate.”

To the jubilation of the crowd, the penguins quickly waddled their way back into the ocean as a few resident penguins came to welcome the new group of penguins to the picturesque colony.img_1794

Following the release, festivalgoers made their way to the Simon’s Town Navy Sports Fields next to Seaforth Beach for the start of the much-anticipated Penguin Festival. This year’s event included three big tented areas with live music by The Professors, an array of children’s entertainment, food trucks, craft beer, wine-tasting and marine exhibitons by BirdLife SA, the City of Cape Town Environmental Education Trust, Two Oceans Aquarium, South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI), South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI), SANParks and SANCCOB.

Festivalgoers were also treated to a special cooking demonstration by SASSI Braai Ambassadors, teams ‘Rust and Dust’ and ‘Smoke, Sweat and Tears’, who only used SASSI-approved ingredients to cook up a tantalising lunch course for eight lucky winners on the day. SANParks’ Honorary Rangers were also on hand to braai their hugely popular boerewors rolls in aid of the festival.img_1975

SANCCOB and SANParks extends a special thank you to the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, managed by Nedbank Private Wealth, for sponsoring the 2016 Penguin Festival and making the event a resounding success.

African Penguin Awareness Day is dedicated to raising worldwide awareness about the plight of the endangered African penguin, the only penguin endemic to the African continent. With the help of partners such as SANParks, SANCCOB admits close to 1 500 African penguins (and 1 000 other seabirds) for rehabilitation to its centres and releases them back into to the wild to boost the wild African penguin population. Alarmingly, only 2.5% of the African penguin population remain in the wild today.img_1937

Together, SANCCOB, SANParks and their partners in conservation are at the forefront of saving the charismatic African penguin species. All proceeds from the festival are donated to SANCCOB in support of their African penguin conservation work.

Seven ways you can help to conserve African penguins:

  1. Adopt and name an African penguin by visiting
  2. Report injured penguins and/or oiled birds to SANCCOB by calling (021) 557 6155 (normal work hours) / 078 638 3731 (after hours & weekends) or to SANParks on 021 786 2329 (office hours) or 0861 106417 (24-hour emergency number)
  3. Donate to SANCCOB online at or see what items are needed on SANCCOB’s Wish List
  4. Visit SANCCOB’s online shop for penguin goodies at
  5. Raise funds for SANCCOB by simply swiping your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card:
  6. Volunteer at SANCCOB by emailing
  7. Start your own fundraising campaign for SANCCOB with Givengain:

African Penguin Awareness Day is also being celebrated at a second penguin release and festival at the Stony Point penguin colony in Betty’s Bay on 15 October 2016. Hosted by SANCCOB and CapeNature, the event includes a snoek braai competition, community market, a puppet show, educational activities and various marine exhibitions, all in the name of the endangered African penguin.

Cape Point Route loves the Penguin Festival and Penguins. african-penguin

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

Call Cape Point Route on 021 789 0093 or visit
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Top 5 Themed Year End Functions in Cape Town

Spice up your Cape Town Year End Function with a themed event.  If you are planning your year-end, award ceremony or Christmas party, then transform the occasion into a spectacular event with a themed function including decor and accessories.yef-themes-header3

From barn dances to formal dining and classy cocktails to themed dinner-dances.  Dress-up or dress-down but let the alter-ego shine at the Company Function. Take a look at these selected 2016 themes  and venues in Cape Town, which we’ve standardised to include the venue, a meal and an activity within the chosen theme. The rest – well that’s up to you!

Cape Point Route will donate a Santa Shoebox for every Year End Function booked.

Wild Wild West01a-yef-wild-wild-west-1

YEEHAH!  It’s Party Time in the Wild Wild West on the “The Ranch” in Cape Town.  Here your guests can dress up as cowboys and cowgirls where they may even learn some new skills…line dancing, bucking bulls and saloon shooting! No of persons: Min 60 | Max 450

001 enquire now

Masked Massacre in the Winelands02-yef-masked-massacre

Experience an elegant Masked Murder Mystery Dinner in the heart of the Winelands on a Cape Dutch-style farmstead dating back to the 1700s, the perfect venue for an evening of mystery and magic.  No of persons: Min 15 | Max 150
001 enquire now

Under The Sea


Perfectly situated on the V&A Waterfront, the Two Oceans Aquarium is renowned for its magnificent marine displays as well as its distinctive venues.  This world-class facility is the ideal place to thrill guests from formal dinners to cocktails parties overseen by ragged-tooth sharks! No of persons: Min 30 | Max 350

001 enquire now

Casino Royale in a Venetian Palace04-yef-casino

An over-the-top experience of a life time!  Dress the part, order the Martini, and Play to Win!  An evening of glamour, thrill and fortune…at the enchanting Casa Labia our very own Venetian Palace. No of persons: Min 50 | Max 100

001 enquire now

The Great Gatsby05-yef-great-gatsby

A roaring 1920’s Gatsby Themed Dinner Dance awaits you at the Cape Town Club in a private venue including sit down dinner and dance with tunes provided by a DJ to suit the theme.  No of persons: Min 30 | Max 100

001 enquire now

Cape Point Route loves Year End Functions (& Penguins)

Cape Point Route are specialists in the south peninsula of Cape Town – we live, work and play here and are passionate about the area, it’s conservation and it’s surrounds.

Call Cape Point Route on 021 789 0093 or visit
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Music Video’s you didn’t know were filmed in Cape Town

I had such fun writing this blog one evening sitting far from Cape Town. It made me both proud and nostalgic to call Cape Town home. I was so impressed by how many creative souls have been inspired by Cape Town, including this city and her people into their music videos. I love how all aspects of the city have been embraced by all genres of music from international superstars to local talents.

Cape Town’s attractions, her beaches, her beauty, her colour, her dancers, her emotions, her ‘hoods,  her moods, her mountains, her people, her streets, her townships, her vibrancy and her urban heart beat have been exposed in these visual delights.  Some are obviously Cape Town, some are more subtle and some merely allude to it. These are all part of the magic that we call home.

Enjoy and please let us know of any other music video’s shot and filmed in our enthralling city. We’d love to share them with the world.

Passenger – Setting Suns
I am just going to start with Mike’s quote -it says it all!  “The whispers world tour came to an end on Sunday so I thought I’d post a little video that we made over the last few days in CAPE TOWN. I can’t quite believe how beautiful that city is . SOUTH AFRICA has undoubtedly been one of the highlights and fantastic way to end this adventure!!!! the song is called “setting suns” and it felt like a fitting sentiment”.  This video with Cape Town’s city skyline, Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts, Chappies, Penguins, Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals and of course Sunsets really capture the magnificence of this city! Michael Rosenberg, better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English singer-songwriter and musician. His most successful single, “Let Her Go”, has topped the charts in many countries.

Sigma – Nobody to Love
Summer, beach life, road tripping – this music video shows Cape Town at her fun loving best.  Sigma are an English drum and bass DJ and record production duo. Their single “Nobody to Love” topped the UK Singles Chart upon release, becoming their first UK number one.

Jeremy Loops – Down South
Local and proud! Hailing from Kommetjie in the South Peninsula, Jeremy Loops often features Cape Town in his music videos.  Table Mountain is a backdrop, Kirstenbosch Summer Music Concerts, horses in Noordhoek, surfing in Kommetjie and jamming at Farmhouse Rocks, one of the best live gig venues in the city.  Juxtaposing booming city rhythms with lilting folk, Jeremy Loops perfectly captures the duality of his South African life.

Laura Mvula – Phenomenal Woman
Laura Mvula is a British soul singer-songwriter from Birmingham. Shot in South Africa, in Cape Town’s historical Bo-Kaap neighbourhood Mvula’s wonderfully vibrant video, awash with colour and energy celebrates all phenomenal women.  Inspired by Maya Angelou’s iconic poem, “Phenomenal Woman” ,  “I’m a woman. Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” Laura Mvula‘s song of the same title beautifully affirms that statement and we feel like saying Phenomenal Cape Town too!

Snow Patrol – The Planets Bend Between Us
This emotional song, will tug at the heartstrings of Cape Town fans. Snow Patrol walks the city streets from Cape Town Station, and the video has sweeping views of Table Mountain, our stately and iconic Cape Town City Hall, the colour of Bo-Kaap and sunsets from our beaches.  Snow Patrol are an Irish/British alternative rock band formed in 1993. Initially an indie rock band, the group rose to prominence in the early-mid 2000s as part of the post-Britpop movement.

Blue – You Make me Wanna
This song from English Boy band and R&B group Blue from their album ‘One Love’, was the third single on the album and it went to No 4 on the UK Charts  Filmed in summer in Cape Town, it will make you wanna come to Cape Town. Our beautiful ocean is featured prominently in this Cape Town filmed music video, sailing on our seas! Love the sunset silhouette of the Sentinel in Hout Bay near the end!

The Script – Man on a Wire
This one from Irish pop rock band, the Script, features Cape Town’s CBD. If you are afraid of heights this might not be one for you to watch as the video features the city streets – from above!  You’ll see familiar sights like the Absa Building and of course “The Mountain“.  This song is taken from their album “No sound without Silence”.

Solange Knowles – Losing You
The video for Losing You features a fascinating mix of cultures, fashion and distinctive township scenery as it was shot at various locations in Langa.  In the video, the singer invades people’s kitchens, barbershops and a tailoring shop, takes a 15-seater taxi like a normal Capetonian, goes bike riding around a neighbourhood, and takes a dip in a community swimming pool. Solange Piaget Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, model, and actress. She has been recognised as a fashion icon and has received frequent comparisons to sister Beyoncé from the media, although insists they have different aspirations and are musically different.

Tinie Tempah – Girls Like
This one feels like it should be called “Name the Cape Town ‘hood?” It features Tinie and his crew dancing round the streets of Cape Town,  we love the colour and the moves! Speaking about the video, Tinie said ‘I’m really inspired by South African house music at present, and this video represents that very authentically with plenty of dancing and loads of really cool moves.’ Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, better known by his stage name Tinie Tempah, is an English rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.

Zaki Ibrahim – Draw The Line
Growing up as what she describes as a citizen of the world, singer-songwriter Zaki Ibrahim spent her childhood living at different times in Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, France and Lebanon. The music video for the track ‘Draw The Line’ off her Every Opposite album was shot in her current home of Cape Town and although it faces the challenges of the Cape Flats, Zaki says its about creating your own path and shining your light through adversity, taking everything that you’ve experienced and everything you are. Featuring her home on the Cape Flats and Muizenberg Beach.

Coldplay – Paradise
Of the really big music stars in the Music Video’s Filmed in Cape Town Lineup is Coldplay. The British rock band with lead vocalist and pianist Chris Martin, rocked Cape Town with a massive concert at Cape Town Stadium in 2011. It’s hardly any surprise that their music video Paradise was filmed in Cape Town and the Karoo. That crowd in the movie –  that’s Cape Town having a whole lot of fun!

Travie McCoy – One At A Time
Travis “Travie” McCoy  is an American rapper and singer-songwriter.  This video starts with  Sea Point prom and classic Cape Town evening light. There are lots of Cape Town moments – and who recognises a throwback to the days when Mercury had checked blocks on it’s walls?

A – Nothing
Filmed more than 15 years ago – this is another throw back and you’ll instantly recognise Devil’s Peak behind “that Freeway”. The Civic Centre and Artscape (must have been the Nico Malan then!) are the stage but even the litter blowing in the SE on Long street will tweak Capetonian memories. Even Nando’s features! A are a British alternative rock band from Suffolk, England, that formed in the early 1990’s.

Harder to Tell Videos!  

Feeder – Seven Days In The Sun
Welsh band Feeder produced this oldie but goodie filmed in Cape Town. It may be one of the first music videos shot in Cape Town  – and although the song may be speaking of seven days in the sun in Majorca, Spain – Cape Town gets the film credits!

Faithless – Bombs
The British electronica band filmed part of this music video in Cape Town.  The beaches look familiar, but the conclusive part of the location shoot is the last scene.

Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd
This single release in April 2016, is a lot harder to tell it’s Cape Town, but shows the city’s nightlife. Once again – there is an easy Cape Town clue right at the very end, if you were ever in doubt. Hope he’s not trying to say our Cape Town party people are the wrong crowd?

Lily Allen – Air Balloon
In 2014 English Singer, Songwriter Lilly Allen released the video for Air Balloon, taking advantage of the South Africa’s scenery, sunshine and temperate climate.

Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone
The youngest child of the Jackson family filmed this video in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. South African culture and character make the video for “Got Til It’s Gone” unique although it’s a little harder to prove Cape Town’s music video credentials from the visuals.

Leona Lewis – Run
Capetonians will innately know the mountains and the forests of Cape Town in this haunting music video from British singer Leona Lewis.  This is another of those keep-watching-to-the-end if you need evidence! There’s a gorgeous night scene overlooking False Bay from Silvermine.

Local Musicians and Some Fun from our Friends!

De Hofnar X GoodLuck – Back In The Day
This video is “Oh so Cape Town” – where the sound of the ocean, rhythms the emotions. From surfers to the stadium. Enjoy!

Beatenberg – Southern Suburbs
With a title like Southern Suburbs, Capetonians will recognise the southern suburb streets of local South African band Beatenberg.

Freshly Ground – Don’t leave me
Those faces! These are the people that bring life to this city captured by local musicians  Freshly Ground. This is the heart and soul of Cape Town & South Africa.

Abdullah Ibrahim – Mannenberg
Beautiful, haunting, emotive and true.  Abdullah Ibrahim takes us to visit Robben Island

Pharrel Whilliams – Happy in Cape Town
If you’re not happy or proud to be Capetonian after this video, you need to relocate!

Jimmy Nevis & Sketchy Bongo – All About It
This local Capetonian alternative pop sensation uses Cape Town to capture his quirky lyrics.

Caitlin de Ville – Black Jack
Wow! Cape Town and the Electric Violin like you’ve never seen it before!

Caitlin de Ville – Crowe
Yes we know Caitlin is included twice but this video is emotionally close to home for us south peninsula Capetonians after the Wild Fires in March 2015 and worth watching!

Barry Herbert – Touchies
This one was so much fun, shot right here below our office at Noordhoek Farm Village by friends and featuring De Noordhoek Hotel and Cafe Roux. You may even recognize some Cape Point Routers! It may not be a world No 1 single yet, but look how gorgeous our hood is! #Localislekker

Vicky Sampson – My African Dream
This may not be an official video but this Mandela tribute uses beautiful images of Cape Town to Vicky Sampson’s powerful hit “My Africa Dream”

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